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Backyard Greenhouses perfect for Northern Growing Climates

Imagine starting your summer seedlings in a dedicated greenhouse instead of on your kitchen table or in your basement!

If you dream of growing ripe tomatoes in the winter, curating your own collection of tropical plants, creating an outdoor sunroom, or enclosing your hot tub - look no further!

  • Taller and made with thicker wall panels than others, the Riga and Royal Victorian Greenhouses are available in multiple sizes.


  • The Royal Victorian comes in green or black aluminum and with glass or polycarbonate (recommended) panels.


  • The XL models of Riga greenhouses feature triple wall polycarbonate panels that protect plants from the cold.  


  • Optional accessories available to customize the interior layout for personal preferences.


Royal Victorian



Full-Size Display Models in Fargo are Open 24-7!

"In general, an unheated greenhouse lets you grow plants rated for about one USDA climate zone warmer than our local area. This translates to about five to eight degrees Fahrenheit. Another way to think of it is that you'll add two to three weeks on each end of the growing season. But if you provide supplemental heat and light in the greenhouse, you can grow any kind of plant you like." - Roger Marshall, The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual
New Growth


Approx. Last Spring Frost: May 10
Approx. First Fall Frost: Sept 28
Number of Growing Days: 140

As a general rule, most annual vegetables should be started indoors about six weeks before the last frost. In Fargo, that is the last week in March.

Did You Know...

Did you know that you can extend your growing season by two months in a greenhouse without supplemental heat?

Did you know that you can enjoy Year-Round Gardening by adding supplemental heat to you greenhouse?


Did you know that greenhouses aren't just for plants? You can create a private solarium to soak up the Spring sun.

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